Preventative dental treatment for your whole family

We take pride in our ability to serve all ages.  Treatment plans are tailored accordingly. Our team enjoys caring for even your youngest family member.

Dr. Wieseler's preventative services focus on prevention while preserving your smile at a time that is most convenient for your whole family.


Desert Dental’s primary focus is to avoid disease or catch it in the early stages. The earlier disease is identified the more effect the treatment can be. Small issues generally require smaller solutions where as more involved conditions need in-depth treatment regimens. 


Desert Dental knows that preserving your original teeth is important to your overall health and wellness.  To prevent tooth loss, it is important for our team to education our patients on the importance of home care and regular dental visits. This can often prevent more invasive and costly procedures in the future. Again, it is our goal for you to have the least amount of dentistry in your lifetime.


Dr. Wieseler and his team know that it can be hard to fit everything into your family’s busy schedule. Desert Dental will work hard to ensure each of you are able to get the care you need when you need it.