Welcome to Desert Dental

Desert Dental, the practice of Ryan Wieseler DDS, serving Hermiston, Oregon and surrounding area. Providing comprehensive dentistry for your whole family.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Differing from the more traditional dental practices in the area, Dr. Wieseler and his team provide a comprehensive approach to your dental care. This allows them serve the needs of your health and dental care no matter what your age or condition.

A Tailored Approach

Dr. Wieseler knows that each patient in his practice comes  with their own unique health needs, personal desires, and in some instances, financial constraints.  Keeping this in mind, Dr. Wieseler and the team at Desert Dental make sure that each patient is given a thorough examination and a personalized treatment plan according to their specific needs. 

Listening- Our Team's Primary Focus

Dr. Wieseler and his team at Desert Dental understand that one of the most important aspects of their job is to listen to their patients.  Only then can they relate to each person’s unique circumstances and tailor their care accordingly. No detail or concern is insignificant and listening intently to each patient is the first, and most important step, in creating a productive and easy doctor patient relationship. Your comfort and health is Dr. Wieseler’s primary concern.

Dr. Ryan Wieseler

Dr. Ryan Wieseler

Family Dentistry

Dr. Wieseler and the team enjoys serving patients of all ages. From young in age, to the young in spirit, Desert Dental can serve you.


Dr. Wieseler has taken extensive advanced training in order to provide you with complete care. You can be confident in his ability to provide you with the smile you dream of.

Function & Bite

A functional smile means one that not only looks good but functions well. Your teeth and bite play a significant role in your overall health. Dr. Wieseler knows exactly how your teeth, muscles, joints and bone work together to achieve a functional smile.