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Your Affordable Tooth Replacement Options in Hermiston

Do you remember back when you were a kid, and you first felt that little wiggle in one of your teeth? Do you remember the excitement of having yet another tooth come loose and wondering what type of surprise the tooth fairy might have for you this time? There was so much excitement and wonder surrounding every single missing tooth.

Fast forward to your adult days, and things aren’t quite the same in terms of how we react to a missing or loose tooth. Now that you’re older, losing a single tooth or even multiple teeth is no cause for celebration. It can also leave you feeling:

  • Embarrassed to speak or laugh
  • Self-conscious about what other people think or say
  • Unwilling to share your smile with anyone ever again

We’re here to tell you that millions of people just like you across the country are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. That’s why there have been so many advancements in implant dentistry over the years because more and more Americans have poor dental health leading to more missing teeth.

Your Hermiston Implant Dentist Can Help


The most reasonable solution that we would recommend to make your smile whole and fully functional again is dental implants. They’re an amazing, durable way to say goodbye to your missing teeth for good. We can even use multiple dental implants to secure dentures in place, so you’ll never have to worry about them slipping again.

Talk to us today. We’ll help you sort through the variety of teeth replacement options to find what’s going to be most suitable for you and your smile. Whether you need implants, a bridge, a new comfortable set of dentures, or simply denture repair, you’re in good hands at our Hermiston dental office. We can provide you with options that will look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. That’s something to smile about!