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Have No Fear, Your Hermiston Dentist is Here

What’s your reason for having dental fear? Every person, every story is so unique that we always want to hear your side of the story to understand your experiences and concerns better. We’re on your side. We get it when patients tell us that they had a bad time with their dentist as a child due to trauma etc. Some patients are more influenced by things they’ve seen or read about in the media or even not-so-nice dental stories they’ve heard from friends and family.

We want you to know that your fear and dental anxiety is real and that you’re definitely not alone. Did you know that an estimated 75 percent (hundreds of millions) of American adults experience some degree of dental fear, whether mild or severe? When dental anxiety is at its absolute most extreme, patients will generally avoid seeing the dentist altogether, frequently for many years. In doing so, they significantly and negatively impact both their oral and overall health. Please know that if you or someone in your family is feeling this way, your Hermiston dentist wants to be here for you and help you through.

Dentophobia: Fear of Dentistry and Receiving Dental Care


Okay, so you’re ready to admit that you might have either a mild or more moderate dentophobia. (Most people do.) The truth is dentists get a bad reputation sometimes as almost being “guilty by association.” As we mentioned earlier, one bad dental experience with a dentist you don’t like can scar you. As they say, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

As your trusted Hermiston dental office, our goal every day we open the door is to provide you with the safe, gentle, and regular care you’ve missed out on. There’s a level of comfort and convenience you’ll experience from the moment you first set foot in the office, that will help to put you at ease immediately. You’ll feel at home alongside our friendly, compassionate staff of real people, with real anxieties they’ve had to overcome just like you. (We’ve been in your shoes too!) Talk to us today to learn more about your sedation options to finally get rid of your dental fear.