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Jaw Pain in Hermiston Ends Here

You’re in pain. You have to go to work every day uncomfortable. You get upset unnecessarily with your family because you just don’t feel well. Welcome to the world of temporomandibular disorder or TMJ pain. This is something we see often. Jaw pain is not uncommon,​ but there is a way to treat it.

It’s strange to think that your jaw or the hinge just below your ears could be the reason why you’re so unhappy. Go ahead and feel or flex them. They’re actually a big part of your day that oftentimes goes much overlooked. Every single day your TMJ is responsible for:

Eating | Chewing | Talking

Break it down however you want, but these are all essential parts of our existence. Your jaw muscles and bone are used regularly to do so much more than we actually give them credit for.

Why Am I In Pain?

Did you know that airway and bite issues are two of the most common reasons why we see TMJ patients? When your jaw doesn’t close correctly, you’re generally going to experience some sort of issue. Even something such as simple as teeth grinding​ (which you might not even know you’re doing at night) could be the cause. We invite you to talk to Dr. Ryan Wieseler. As a trained and experienced Hermiston TMJ dentist, he knows what it takes to help patients like you feel better and eliminate pain.

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What Can I Do?

Call us. If you’re experiencing jaw pain in Hermiston ​or any part of the Tri-City area, you need to find a Hermiston TMJ dentist who can help. Using medications (whether over-the-counter or prescription) to mask how uncomfortable you feel isn’t going to get you the relief you need and deserve. Dr. Wieseler has the technology, training, and compassion you’ve been searching for to give you a custom, comprehensive solution for your TMD treatment. We can tailor a special bite splint just for you and also do a sleep protocol. We’ll help test the effectiveness of your splint after each treatment and adjust accordingly, as necessary if teeth grinding is what’s getting you down and causing TMJ pain.